High performance


Atlantic High Performance is suitable for big homes, useful in space expansion. The range of high spec doors and windows connects your house and the nature. This range also have an higher maximum rolling weight enables users to have bigger openings, which means bigger view, and more opportunities to design. Atlantic 48™ can perfectly fit all high-end selections for fixtures and fittings – doesn’t matter what you want, high quality, stylish, or big home. Also, Atlantic is very useful in a windy place, like cliff, beachfront, and site.


Atlantic can suite premises up to 3.2m high, or even higher (depending on the unit type or application). It can also integrate seamlessly with the most popular systems: Baltic Commercial, Flush Glaze, and Shop Front Systems. The combination of them creates a consistent internal and external finish across multiple products, including hinged door, window, stacker door, etc.

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