Atlantic High Performance

Huge space,

More freedom

Atlantic High Performance is suitable for big homes, and is very useful for space expansion. This range of high-spec doors and windows connects your house with nature and brings the outside in. This range has a higher maximum rolling weight which enables users to have bigger entrances, better views, and more opportunities to design a beautiful space. Atlantic perfectly integrates with all high-end fixtures and fittings – whether you’re after high quality, elegant style, or expansive scale. Atlantic is well suited in windy locations like cliffs, beachfronts, and rural properties, with seismic frame options available and a performance expectation of over 3000pa wind pressure.

  • Atlantic suits premises up to 3.2m high, or even higher (depending on the unit type or application).
  • It also integrates seamlessly with most popular systems: Baltic Commercial, Flush Glaze, and Shop Front Systems. Combining these creates a consistent internal and external finish across multiple products, including hinged doors, windows, stacker doors, and more.

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